The field team was created within the pilot project „Model of the community care in the Jesenik region“, that is financed from the programme of the Swiss-Czech cooperation via the Ministry of Health. This project takes place from October 2014 to September 2016. The community care is an effective model of the multidisciplinary cooperation integrating the effort of all who participate on the care of the mentally ill (health care, social services, workers of the social department of the respective city bureau and other bureaus but also even a relative and family members of the mentally ill).

The field team works in the Jesenik region (Jesenik county) from December 2014. Within the frame of the project, the field team was created that actively searches for and addresses persons with a mental illness within the microregion of Jesenik and Zlate Hory who need necessary support and help during treatment. The goal of the field team is an active search and addressing persons with a mental illness (persons released from hospitalisation, persons that are selected by the regional team of the cooperating organizations). The team cares about the persons with mental illness in their home environment.

The members of the team: psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, peer consultant.

Focus on the interventions:

  • Planning and coordination of the care, inc. watching and evaluating the progress of the service.
  • Training of the practical and social skills focused on solving problems connecting with regular daily activities (money management, self-service, communication, time organization, searching for a job).
  • Individual psychological consultation
  • Activation of the social network of the client (work with the closest environment – relatives, friends, neighbours).
  • Sharing a personal story