Social rehabilitation

Registered social service focused on maintaining, renewal and development of social skills – specially compiled and managed programme consisting of individual activities taking place during working days from 8AM to 3PM. Individual users select activities that suit them.

There is a set of individual activities available for the clients (individual or group) including therapeutic groups and social club and a chance to be involved in the rehabilitation workhops (ceramic, weaving and wicker). We put emphasis on renewal and development of social skills, creating self-confidence and establishing social contacts. The supportive setting of the workshop that is managed by experienced therapists where smaller group of clients meet, it creates an unique chance for such a training. Work in the workshop is voluntary, the client is not obliged to attend it regularly. The goal is not a production of the products but a good feeling due to the integration into the group, reasonable activities and gaining social contacts.

The part of the service is a training flat where the preparation for individual living takes place.

Place of the offered service:

The service is offered in the facility of the Social-therapeutic centre ZAHRADA2000, Na Mytince 32, 790 01 Jesenik with the chance of out side trips and short-time stays.

Mission of the service:

The mission of the service of the social rehabilitation SRC Zahrada 2000 is to create a safe environment for mentally ill clients for developing and maintaining the individuality, for formulation of their needs, for reinforcing their abilities and skills, mediate social contacts and to support them in active use of their free time. It is about ensuring the complex of the services after leaving from PL and completing  the ambulatory treatment with the goal to maintain the user in their home environment.

The goal of the service:

The mission of the service aim at the fact so that chronically mentally ill people in the unfavourable social situation could be a part of the natural local community, to live in a normal way, on top so that they could use local institutions that provide services for the public, natural relationship network and their own chances.

Social rehabilitation is a set of specific activities aimed at gaining autonomy, independence and self-sufficiency of the persons by developing their specific abilities, skills, training habits and practicing exercises of the regular necessary activities for an individual life by alternative way using preserved abilities, potentials and competencies.

General principles and starting points of the offered service:

  • Indiviual approach to the user
  • Help with fulfiling their real personal goal, respect to their abilities, knowledge and chances
  • Supporting the individuality and independency of the user and their ability to take over the responsibility
  • Treating the user as a partner
  • Respecting and defense of the rights of the mentally ill (when dealing with the bureaus, health services, courts, institutions etc…)
  • Respecting the rights of the clients as to the protection of their personal information and confidentiality of the information
  • Engagement of the user into decision about the way of provided services
  • Follow-up of the provided service with the employers, sheltered workshops and other providers of the services
  • Community approach when providing services, cooperation with other services´ providers, other providers, with bureaus and employers, with the family and doctors
  • The services are provided with high speciality – with engaging a narrow cooperation of the experts on mental health, psychologists and psychiatrists

The description of the services:

The service of Social rehabilitation is provided during working days Monday to Friday according to the stable weekly schedule of the activities supplemented with individual work with the users according to their needs and a mental state.

Individual activities for the users are available according to the „Weekly schedule of the activities of the SR (Social rehabilitation)“ – for every day there is one principal activity – i.e. common work with the support of the specified worker supplemented by an individual work with every client. Apart from the principal daily activity, there are even available preparatory works for socially therapeutic works (preparation and recyclation of the materials, small works). Every activity also has selected range of activities that users can do individually.

Every day there is a time space available for users according their individual needs such as rating, exchange of the experiences, there is also available a PC workplace with internet for individual work, reader´s room (daily press, library), hand-crafts room, kitchenette for small cooking, training washing room with the mangle for own use.

The principal activity takes place always at a set time with the length of 90 minutes divided into two 45 minutes´ blocks with a break, individual activities are dividend into the rest of the day according to the abilities and the current state of the user.

Form of the support depends on the individual plan of the user.

Personal securing of the services:

There are social workers, workers in the social services who lead individual activities, psychologist and depending on the requirements specialized lecturers available for the users.


Users of the service together with the employers have created for themselves a good background for resting and catering: kitchenette with a kitchen desk, el. stove, microwave oven, eletric kettle, refrigerator, tiled floor and a social room equipped for food consumption (tables, chairs), floor cover – heavy duty carpet. In the social room there is available a resting room with the reading space (press, books) and a work table with a PC connected to internet.

Sanitary equipment for user sof the service:

1x wc for men, 1x wc for women, common shower for men, women, changing room with a space to change one´s shoes

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