Peer consultant - a person with their own experience

The clients and ex-clients have been actively participating in our work for many years – persons with their own experience with a mental illness who are able to pass this experience further.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Centre for development of care about mental health z.s. (and thanks to the Dutch partners) we trained a worker of a high quality for the position of the Peer consultant in 2013 and this we employed this worker in a regular work relationship. We created a clear system of supporting the Peer consultant within the structure of our organization.

The peer consultant has become a stable part of our specialized team, the person is not just sharing their own experience with new clients and their family members and relatives but the person also accompanies new clients with the system of our services.

Peer gives to our specialized team a view from „the opposite side“ and is also a another connecting part between the clients and workers of the services.