Who the social services are for

Our registered social services can be used by adults who are due to the mental illness situated in the social isolation and are temporarily not able to succeed in regular or employment without help also where it is useful and also their family members and others who have been effected by mental illness of the close person.

Currently, there are more than 40 regular persons attending our facility. They decide by their own choice what offered activities they will choose, their own motivation is decisive.

One can use the service without the doctor´s recommendation, the condition is an agreement with the rules of the social-rehabilitation centre – nevertheless the cooperation with the specialized medical facility is advisable and we can even mediate it for our clients.

The particularity of the target group of the chronical-mentally ill is a cyclical course of their illness with frequent relapses inc. hospitalization and a change of their actual state during the year – this is responsible even for the frequency of using of our services even for long-term clients (some attend 4x per week, some 1x per week,…), the programme of individual activities is adjusted due to this fact. Getting involved in individual activities is totally voluntary and it is possible to adjust it to the current health state.

The target group is not created by people with physical handicap or the illness is so serious that is not compatible with the training of the work activities and social skills in individual workshops and operations. Users who require a high level of support for managing basic activities is thus possible their integration with the help of the personal assistant (it is necessary to agree upon this individually).

The system of employment with the support and related activities are also designated for other physically disabled persons.

At the beginning of 2016, we succeeded in selecting two public contracts awarded by the Olomouc Region as part of the project "Social Prevention Services in the Olomouc Region", with effect from 1.4.2016 we have concluded contracts to ensure the provision of these social services.