Professional services

The experience of our professionals in the fields of education, social entrepreneurship, preparing project plans and project administration are offered as a service to the professional community.

We are an accredited educational institution accredited by the MPSV (Ministry of Work) and MŠMT /Ministry of Education) with a number of its own accredited courses in social work, mental health and self-knowledge and teamwork. We have a quality team of professionals (certified project managers, accountants, marketing specialists etc.) with several years´ experience in the preparation and management of projects, not only ESF. For several years we run a sustainable social enterprise (several separate economic operations employing persons with disabilities), and we are ready to share experience in this area.

Other information
For the education of our clients we have our own accredited retraining course "Manual processing of textiles", specially adapted for people with disabilities - now we realized 4 runs of this ... (více)