Services for the public

Several separate departments of our social enterprise (economically separate operation) offers a range of services to individuals, households and businesses (legal entities).

Laundry, pressing and repair service ensures our laundry mangle the maintenance of your garden including lawns, painting fences, snow removal etc. ensures our operations of lawn custom manufacturing of sewn children's toys, tableware, accessories for dogs and kids :) etc. our sewing workshop ensures custom-made ceramics and basket weaving production ensures our trade shop selling our products as a suitable gift not only for kids.  On designated protected areas we employ about 36 people with disabilities. But we offer our services and products to customers not only "for the good sense of charity", we offer quality services and products for good prices. A good feeling "of helping" are added to customers as an added bonus. By purchasing our services can meet employers´ so called "Indemnification" under the Employment Act no. 435/2004 Coll. (applies to all companies and employers with more than 25 employees, and even for institutions that are government department.)

Other information
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