ZAHRADA 2000 - provider not only of social services

Since 1998, NGO Zahrada 2000 has been dedicated to mental health and provides a comprehensive set of services in the Jeseník region to enable "return to life".

Besides outpatient and field social services (including housing support) for people with mental illness, we offer the possibility of employment with support for people with disabilities, including vocational training, employment and debt counseling and support for employment on a protected, supported and free labor market.

We run a non-state medical facility Social-therapeutic medical center.

We are an accredited educational institution of the Ministry of Labour and Social Afairs and Ministry of Eduation, we offer our own educational and retraining courses.

In several economic operations, we employ about 42 people with disabilities at designated protected workplaces, you can find us in the list of social enterprises.

We support, educate and help our users and clients, do not do things for them, and instead of them. Are we approaching community care models using a solution-oriented approach, collaborative (working) ways of working and using Open Dialogue principles ...


ZAHRADA 2000 - provider not only of social services