Since 1998 organization Zahrada 2000 (in English: Garden 2000) offers to the persons with mental illness from Jesenik region a complete complex of services with the the goal to allow them „return to life“, and succeed in human society – shortly overcome obstacles of a regular life that are caused by their illness.

Apart from ambulatory and field social services (including living support) in the Jesenik county for persons with mental illness we offer complete system for employment with support for persons with mental handicap including specialized prepartion for employment, work and debt consultation and the support by emploment on sheltered, supported and also free employment market.

As a part of our system of care is the support of living for the users (training flats, low level living with support as well as support of individual living in the apartments of the users).

We are certified educational institution by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MPSV) and Ministry of Education Youth and Sports (MSMT), we offer our own educational and retraining courses.

We have a licence to mediate employment issued by the Employment Office of the Czech Republic.

In several economic workings we employ app. 39 persons with mental handicap in circumscribed sheltered working places, you can also find us on the list of social businesses.

Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, we manage social-health field service for persons with mental illness in the area of Jesenik county. Partly, we engage in problems of the addictions (mostly so called dual diagnosis).

We run a non-state medical facility Social-therapeutic stationary.

We support, educate and help our users and clients, do not do things for them, and instead of them. We are close to community care models using a solution-oriented approach, collaborative (working) ways of working, and using Open Dialogue principles.


What we offer...

Licensed social service focused on maintaining, resumption and development of social skills – specially compiled and managed programme consisting of the individual activities that takes place during working days from 8AM to 3PM. Individual users select activities that suit them.

This takes place within registered services as a basic consultation (including social-legal consultation). There is also a social worker and a psychologist available. For those who prefer „live out experience“, we have available trained group of the users willing to share their own experience with mental disease (so called peer consultant).

Licensed social service focused on maintaining, resumption and development of work skills using a range of craft workshops and training workplaces. The service is available as ambulatory during working days from 8AM to 3PM.    

One of the basic principles of our work is a high degree of including of the users and utilizing their activity for creating individual services. Self-help user group btw. publishes their own publication „ZAHRADNI NOVINY“ (GARDEN NEWS), it also manages its own domain of the 3rd order, it also organizes own trips.

In each of the workings of our demarcated sheltered workplaces we offer washing and mangling of cloths, maintenance of the gardens and public areas (lawn mowing, painting of the fences,…), custom-made production of our sewing workshop (toys, place mats, pocket bags, herb bags,…) and many others. We are the provider of „alternative tax event“.

We are the educational institution with the accreditation from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MPSV) and Ministry of Education Youth and Sports (MSMT), we offer courses for workers in direct care even for clients including retraining courses. For organizations and individuals we offer courses already accredited or preparation of the „turn-key“ education including the accreditation.

For the organizations and firms we offer preparation, managing and administration of the projects for grant invitation including ESF, funds etc. Our quality project team has vast experience with e.g. projects ESF, so called Swiss funds, Norway grants, invitation of the regional agencies etc.

For the persons with health handicap, we have created a system of employment with support in several of our own economical operations that is a preparation for the open employment market and follows our registered services and education. At the moment, we employ 36 persons with health handicap in part-time jobs.

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